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It's an honour for us to host you on this wonderful journey of a lifetime. Perhaps you want to discover the famous temples in Chennai or admire the beauty of the sea Mahabalipuram. Maybe you're an adventure junkie and want to explore some beautiful places in Madurai. Whatever you have in mind, we're here to help you create your dream holiDAY tourThere are several scenic waterfalls in and around Thanjavur.Cochin is worth visiting to understand the culture of Ooty.All our tour operators are highly experienced and friendly. They'll be there with you every step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly when you travel with us.

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Route Plan : Chennai ,Mahabalipuram , Kanchipuram , Tanjore , Trichy , Madurai , Periyar , Kumarakom , Cochin , Ooty , Mysore , Bangalore.

Pickup : Chennai
Drop : Chennai

Today after you arrive at the Chennai air terminal or rail line station, an agent from Travelogy India takes you to a pre-booked inn.

After Breakfast partake in the popular touring spots of Chennai like FORT ST.GEORGE, SAN THOME CATHEDRAL.Followed by visit of Kapaleeswar Temple then, at that point, drive to the National Art Gallery - post historical center (Closed on Fridays and public Holidays). Later you will head to Mahabalipuram, seventh century port city of the South Indian. It is accepted to have been named after the Pallava ruler Mamalla. It has different noteworthy landmarks constructed generally between the seventh and the ninth 100 years, and has been named an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The landmarks are generally rock-cut and solid, comprise the beginning phases of Dravidian engineering wherein Buddhist components of configuration are unmistakably apparent. Upon landing in Mahabalipuram, you will be obliged at a pre-booked lodging.

After breakfast drive to Kanchipuram, Kanchipuram is one of India's seven sacrosanct urban communities and one of its loveliest sanctuary towns additionally known for its handloom silks, trailed by visit to sanctuaries Kailasnathar, Vaikuntaperumal, Ekambareshwara, Kamakshiamma and Sakiswarar. We visit Kailasanatha Temple. The sanctuary is popular for choice carvings and draws in fans and sightseers the same. There are 58 little sanctums arranged around the fundamental place of worship, as a compound divider. Next we visit Ekambaranatha, antiquated sanctuary is committed to master Shiva. The 3000 year old mango tree inside the sanctuary has 4 branches each yielding different assortment of mangoes.Before getting back to Mahabalipuram we will likewise visit Kamakshi Amman Temple, known as Parabrahmaroonpini. You can do shopping of silk fabric market and weavers homes.

Toward the beginning of the day after a good breakfast you will continue to Tanjore, Called the Rice Bowl of Tamilnadu. Later we visit Brihadeshwara sanctuary, otherwise called Big Temple, Built in the tenth Century A.D., by Raja Chola, the Temple Tower is covered by a 81.3 tones round solid vault.. The sanctuary is viewed as a designing ability of the Chola modelers who arranged its development so that the shadow of the vault never falls on the ground..

In the first part of the day after breakfast you will leave for Madurai, rich social legacy passed for over 2500 years of age and has been a significant business community as soon as 550 AD. Madurai is probably the most seasoned city of India, with a set of experiences dating as far as possible back to the Sangam time of the pre Christian period. Madurai where individuals awaken at the serenade of songs is pleased with glorious 'The Meenakshi-Sundareswara Temple. Of its 12 gopurams, four of the tallest stand at the external dividers of the sanctuary. Later we visit Rockfort most popular milestone is a 83 m high stone which is the main outcrop in the generally level place that is known for the city. The most astonishing reality about the stone is that it is one of the most established on the planet around 3,800 million years, which makes it as old as the stones of Greenland and more seasoned than the Himalayas.

Toward the beginning of the day after breakfast you have a valuable chance to require a Half Day Tour to Meenakshi Sundareshwar, It was first fabricated quite a while back and was significantly extended between the years (1623-55 AD). At first there was just the Shiva sanctuary. A striking component of the sanctuary is the shocking design known as Ayiramkaal mandapam or the Hall of 1,000 points of support in the peripheral hallway.

In the wake of Morning breakfast you visit to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Set on an appealing lakeside, it is South India's most well known Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a put to voyage on the lake and offers a chance to see natural life. It is home to tigers, panthers, elephants, buffalo, impalas, sambhar, wild hog, monkey, a wide assortment of birds. After lunch you will take safari to a close by Coffee Plantations and towns. On landing in Periyar, you will be moved to your pre-booked Deluxe/Luxury lodging.

At sun rise we take a boat ride to see natural life in the asylum on Lake Periyar. Following two hours of natural life seeing we return to the inn for breakfast. Land at Kumarakom. Evening you will continue for Kumarakom, is known for backwaters, enormous Vembanad Lake and the popular Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. There are two seasons for birds: between October and February there are cormorants, blue-greens, and different ducks and from February to July there are darters (snake birds), night herons, egrets, and Siberian storks. It likewise has brilliant upheld woodpecker, crow bird, white-breasted water hen, tree pie and so on..

In the first part of the day complete you breakfast and prepared to visit Kumarakom Bird asylum. There are two seasons for birds: between October and February there are cormorants, greenish blues, and different ducks and from February to July there are darters (snake birds), night herons, egrets, and Siberian storks. It additionally has brilliant upheld woodpecker, crow bird, white-breasted water hen, tree pie and so on. Later we board the houseboat, privately called Kettuvallam, voyage around lovely backwaters of Kumarakom to Alleppeyto notice and experience the regular routine of the townspeople along the backwaters.

Toward the beginning of the day after breakfast you will head to Ooty (Udagamandalam), Queen of slope stations and the capital of Nilgiri locale. It is one of the most famous vacationer resorts in India. Nilgiri implies Blue Mountains. It is a place that is known for pleasant outing spots. It was an exceptionally well known summer and end of the week escape for the Britishers during the provincial days. An additional fascination for the vacationers is the mountain train venture on a wrench and pinion track which initiates from Kallar, close to Mettupalayam and wends its direction through numerous hair-raising bends and unfortunate passages and moves ahead next to profound gorges loaded with verdant vegetation, sputtering streams and tea gardens.

Short-term inn - Ooty.

Today morning after breakfast you will head to Mysore and where you meet our visit agent who moved to your pre-booked Deluxe/Luxury lodging. registration at the inn. Evening city touring visit through Mysore. Mysore, the third biggest city of the southern Indian province of Karnataka, is popular for its sandalwood and silk. Mysore was once the home to the illustrious family, the marvelous Maharajah's royal residence actually possesses an enormous part of the downtown area. Chamundeshwari sanctuary roosted on a peak is 2000 years of age, Nandi Bull most of the way to the slope is a 4.8 meter stone monument.

On the fourth day the schedule incorporates a visit through the select districts of Mysore. Visit Brindavan Gardens, moving melodic wellsprings on the patios of Krishnarajasagar Dam, is a tremendous stretch of the most gently arranged orchestra in design, agriculture, designing and feel. Srirangapatnam has various radiant landmarks that are significant traveler objections and are definitely worth a visit. You probably been yearning to visit, for example, the Shri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery that is housed in the Jagmohan Palace and has an assortment of choice artworks tracing all the way back to the year 1875. St. Philomena's Church that was inherent the Gothic style is one of the biggest houses of worship in India. You stay at the lodging for the time being.

Take your comfortable breakfast at the Hotel. Later we takeoff for Bangalore, the nursery city. The extensive city has many impressive designs loaded with notable and current engineering. You might require a half day visit through Bangalore, Visit popular attractions like Lal Bagh Garden, Cubbon Park, Vidhan Soudha, High Court and MG Road. Supper and short term visit will be at the inn. Different attractions near Bangalore incorporate the Nrityagram Dance Village, the town of Ramanagaram, the town of Ramohalli, and Shivaganga, where you can hope to find heaps of wild monkeys meandering around, so make certain to clutch your effects.

Move on opportunity to the air terminal to load up trip for ahead venture.

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